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The Director's Reel above is the talented work of Writer, Director, Producer and Editor Alex Ginnsz of AG Productions Independent Film Production Company. The directing demo reel is a collection of movie clips from the short films Alex Ginnsz and AG Productions have produced, such as the Independent drama / love story Duo. More information about Alex Ginnsz including resume, film clips, and descriptions and movie trailers of AG Productions movie projects can be found at the Alex Ginnsz's Official Site.

Alex Ginnsz currently has five productions credited as Producer/Director/Writer. He has a passion for film, a love of story, and an acute sense of visual perfection. Watch his director's reel above to view a sample of his work.

AG Productions Independent Film Production Company is Alex Ginnsz 's Movie Studio located in New York City. AG Productions strives for the highest quality and most creative film making. With inspiring and sometimes challenging messages throughout its film, an audience is sure to be left not only entertained, but challenged in their lifestyles and thought processes.